Waiting on God

We will see in Psalm 13 David’s desperate struggle and despair; however he learned as we must also that waiting on God is a test of our faithfulness; therefore let patience have her perfect work in us.

Audio Podcast: Waiting on God


It’s not too Late

In our text we see, the results of sin and disobedience in the life of God’s people; and though the consequences of sin are server, it is not too late to turn to God, therefore let us put aside our pride and accept the help that God so graciously offers in Hosea 13:9.

Audio Podcast: It’s not too late

Suffering as a Christian

We will see in 1 Peter 4:12-14 that trials are only a test; and discover that trials are part of being a Christian;and that trials come with God’s power; therefore let us rejoice in the Lord with exceeding joy!

Audio Podcast: Suffering as a Christian